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Your benefit
Use your training time in the most efficient way: get the optimal balance between mental and physical exhaustion and training effect. Repeat 2-3 times a week. You should feel exhausted and mentally satisfied, but not overtrained!
Scientific background
The workouts are based on validated training models (see Skiba 2015) for calculation of remaining anaerobic work capacity. All workouts are calibrated according to the given anaerobic work capacity (AWC) and a exhaustion level of around 25-30% while demanding one full hour of intense workouts.
Calibration of workouts is based on different model athletes - from light to heavy riders (60kg to 90kg) with low (2W/kg), mid (3W/kg) or high (4W/kg) FTP and a time triallist (AWC 6kJ or 10kJ), allrounder (AWC 17kJ), puncheur or sprinter (AWC 24kJ or 30kJ) power profile. All figures are taken from scientific literature (see Chorley 2020) to cover the full spectrum from recreational cycling to well-trained athlete. Zwift applies your own FTP to the workouts. The values are just taken to calibrate the given power profile to the workout (e.g. a sprinter has a lot of work capacity to spend on short, very intense efforts before he exhausts. A time triallist however would blow up before he finished the workout if he tries to use the same workout. To emphasize this issue: Overall there is a 5% difference in HIIT3015 intervall intensity and a whopping 20% difference in AC2min intervall intensity between 24kJ and 10kJ anaerobic work capacity for a 80kg rider at 4W/kg FTP!
Free to adapt
Use these workouts in your training plans. Also consider to adjust the workout intensity even during the workout to accomodate for daily fluctuations in performance. Or take the calibrated intensity values directly from the file and put it into your own training tool.

Workout spectrum

Go for it in sprints and learn to recover at tempo intensity:

Intermittent training
The all-famous 30/15 or 40/20 intervalls to maximize time at VO2max:

Anaerobic capacity
Both 1min and 2min intervalls to boost your anaerobic capacity:

VO2max intervalls of length 4min, 8min and 16min, each with some variation to keep the tension:

Pre-race-day spin, Sweetspot, THE Wringer and Race-Winning Intervalls to balance it out: